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Choke selection is based on range you will be shooting. For a close in tight cover hunt for rabbit, squirrel or birds, A cylinder (no constriction) or modified cylinder (very little constriction) will reduce meat destruction while offering a bit more spread in case you are off a tiny bit.

If you will be shotting at critters "out yonder a far piece" then the tighter chokes make more shot stay in a critter size pattern.

For Turkey, the norm is about as far as a shotgun is used for hunting. So they prefer to use a full, X-full to even tighter such as a XX-full. These will have catchy names like "turkey reaper" or some such.

So basically... little choke is wanted for 0-10 or 15 yards... Full for 40 or more yards...

All this is in a nutshell and my experience and your mileage may vary.

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