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Civil War Rifle: Help needed!

I hope I'm postin' this in the right area!!

I have an antique gun my Great Great Grandfather used in the Civil War. I'm trying to figure if it's worth anything from a resale to a collector, or someone of the like, but also need to know exactly what it is to start with.

It's about 3 ft. long, VERY dark brown. On one side there is a small Eagle imprint with "U.S." under it, then near by, on the same metal plate near the hammer, the initials "U.A.C.O (or U.A.O.O) of New York" (I'm 90% sure it's "C.O", however.

Again, it's in excellent condition. You can still cock it, pull the trigger, and the hammer strikes.

Anyone familiar with this? Once my camera starts working properly I'd be happy to take shots, but for now I was just hoping someone would have a broad idea!

Thanks in advance!

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