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New to Casting, a Few Q's

Hey All,

I've recently acquired a very large quantity of lead of fairly pure (to my knowledge) composition. I'm trying to decide what components I should purchase for my casting setup. I've already ordered a pan and a pair of ingot moulds from MidwayUSA and will start doing some basic cleaning up of the lead while I research.

My first question is regarding lubricants. How effective is the coating of the liquid alox vs. filling the grease groove? I've only had experience using the grease groove loads in my own guns. Also, for those who do use the coating with lube method, how easy is it to handle your final product after lubricating? Are the bullets messy?

Second question is about gas checks. I want to load for the 9mm to start with, then 357 mag/38 spl, and eventually onto 30 cal rifles (for 30-30 and 30-06) and 45-70. From what I've seen so far, the gas checks would be recommended for all of the above except for 38 spl and 9mm. Bullet lube for those two would suffice due to their slower velocities. For the others, especially the 357, can I put a gas check on any cast? and do I still need to lubricate the bullets (with either the coating or grease groove method) if I use gas checks?

Thanks for your help!!
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