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I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I usually segregate and use cases that are within a 1 grain max/min range. I just weighed out a batch of Remington 260 cases and found 88 of the 100 were within the range. Some Noslers I bought recently were 95ish % inside the range, and some Hornadys were about the same in percentage in the range, but the range weight was different. The Noslers and the Hornadys were both for my 223 and they were prepped exactly the same way and to the same extent. The Noslers shoot a little better. Maybe if I varied the charge in the Hornadys, I could get the same degree of accuracy. Bottom line is that the range of case weight does seem to matter to some degree. Maybe as the case gets larger, the difference means less (that's a guess).
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