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I've owned an AA 22LR conversion kit for my Glock 21sf for over a year now. It is reliable if you use the right ammo. Remington Golden Bullets are recommended & work well with almost no jambs & few duds. The CCI Mini Mags are by far the most reliable & the most accurate in my conversion kit. As far as accuracy, it isn't a tack driver. If you want a target 22, then buy a Buckmark or Ruger. But if you are interested in cheap range time with your Glock then buy the AA kit. It will keep groups tight enough if you are shooting a silouette target, but if you are bullseye target shooting, then you might be slightly disappointed.

I really like my conversion kit for what it is... a cheap range trip with my Glock. I bought it for $249 & waited 2 months to get it. The kit includes a complete slide with a single mag & mag loader plus a cleaning rod. The slide on the LE version looks exactly like the OEM Glock slide right down to the Glock factory sights. It is way lighter in weight, of course, since a 22LR couldn't rack a heavy slide, but other than that you would think that you were shooting your regular Glock. I shoot it approx once a week & just shot it yesterday putting 200 rounds through it.
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