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I got my first plastic gun last week. Ooooppps EXCUSE ME ! I meant to say "polymer"

I got a G34 Gen 3. I really got it to build on it / off it. The Glocks are like the ARs of the handgun world. You can mix and match lowers and uppers, but barrels and slides and all sorts of stuff.

I really wanted a 17L but they are hard to get and expensive. So I bought a G34 and I am going to buy a Lone Wolf 17L barrel to drop in it. My next step after that is to get a Lone Wolf 17L slide. Once I've done that I basically have my 17L - actually at that point it's like I have 2 guns - the 34 and the 17L.

I'd also like a .22 conversion kit on it to get more practice with proper grip and the Glock trigger.
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