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Lee Auto Disk Pro Powder Measure

I started out with the Lee Perfect Powder Measure & it worked fine for flake and extruded powder . It was un-workable with fine ball powder .

I had bought an 8 pound jug of AA # 2200 fine ball powder , for .223 . It was cheap . :-)

So I bought the disk measure . It leaked a little , but not enough that I could not live with it . I have used it for years . I had the little Lee C-Frame set up in a dedicated role , to run the disk measure . To the right of it is my lee Challenger single stage O-Frame press .

After all prass processing was complete & I hand primed with the Lee press mounted Auto Prime ( using the Lee hand press ) , I would dump powder with the disk measure / C-Frame press , then move to the Challenger press & seat the bullet . Then repeat the process for the next round .

I typically get + - .1 grain repeatability .

Do not be surprised if you have to go up one or two hole sizes , from the Lee data to get the charge weight you want . No big deal .

I moved it to my cast iron Lee turret press & it works great . By the way , this press is a fantastic value . Add the Safety Prime system and the disk measure and you are kicking out a loaded round ever 4 operations of the handle ( manually feeding brass and bullets ) .

One week ago I received a LoadMaster Lee Progressive Press with the disk measure . Again , the disk measure is working great . I am still in the learning curve on the press & trying to take it easy .

God bless
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