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OK so here is what I would have done - when I got hit by the car I would have immediately called the police. When the thugs got out of their car I would have held my hand up in a halt motion and retreated back to my coworkers while on the phone. I would have gone into the store or into a shop or something, and probably the other scenarios wouldn't have happened. I also would have informed the teens that I had called 911.

I'm not going to go down each possible hypothetical scenario after those initial actions.

Intentionally hitting someone with a car is assault with a motor vehicle in many states, in other states it gets lumped into assault with a deadly weapon, sometimes also called assault while driving a motor vehicle... depends on which state but its a serious offense, in PA it's a felony.

What makes my hinky meter go up on this post is that I get a Bernard Goetz feel from it... someone wanting to be a hero and employ their firearm and vanquish the badguys. Almost an eagerness to be in a situation where you have an opportunity to bring a firearm into play.

Well anyway - that's just me.
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