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Um...because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away?
Um....what about after the first incident was over....????

If you actually read the post,
If you had actually read the post, it was 4 on 3...not 4 on 1.

There is a very good chance that, with the events as described by the OP,if you had shot any of them....your arse would be on the way to jail. When this went to court, these "youths" would have been presented as just out having a good time and misjudged their distance when they hit evidenced by the fact that you were able to get up and shout, kick the car and knee the driver. Also, there would have been no disparity of force as they would have only had you out numbered by one.

You do as you like, I personally do not care. But, my response if able, would have been to put distance between myself and the "youths".
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