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Clean and lube Lee Loadmaster

I am waiting on conversion parts ( ordered Monday ) for .45 ACP . Used up all my .38 Special brass and bullets ( need to start casting some more ) .

Decided to use the " down time " to clean & lube the LM . This time I used Tetra grease , bought to lube the Garand & M1A .

Running the LM w/o primers & brass , it seems to be operating smother than before ( last time I used some CLP I had handy ) .

I have had this press less than a week , so I guess I am still breaking it in , wearing some of the not quite smooth surfaces smoother .

Need to go search the store room & find Dad's old grease gun and give the grease zerts a shot .

The small ball fitting on the left side , motor oil ? I have been using a mix of motor oil and tranny fluid for gun oil . How would that work ?

I watched one video that used STP oil treatment , another motor oil , on the places that you smear on lube with your finger . Is that better than the grease I used ? Right now it gets HOT in the Man Cave , before I turn the A/C on .

The oil or STP might be better in the winter ? Gets COLD in here before I turn on the heat .

One video even said motorcycle chain lube ?

God bless

Edited 06-28-2011
I went back and re-read the LM manual , Lee recommends motor oil to lube the ram .

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