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Looks like Billy Blackburn Jr. has changed his facebook page since I can't find it by a search, nor on his sister's site either. I hope he gets to go to a room with a view and lot's of shower friends soon. Creeps like that will only hurt someone before they are stopped. I would never have allowed the weirdo to approach me like that without challenging him especially knowing he has a friend in the store as well. Probably taking evasive actions early would be the best and CARRYING his CCW weapon on his person at ALL times. If he had gone to the other side of the car, the creep probably would have jumped in the drivers seat and had his gun first. He should have assumed a tactical position earlier in the confrontation and challenged his intentions early. Allowing the creep to sucker punch him was not the way to go. He was lucky it wasn't a worse outcome for him.
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