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You remember correctly, Zippy. The instructions from the manufacturer of the UCB say to use their screw for it will allow for greater movement to the left, but the kind of screw doesn't make a difference with the single station reloaders, since the diameter of the base of the Pro Check and not the screw determines the issue. Still, it is possible by tightening the bolt affixing the Pro Check to the bar that I somehow limited the bars travel. Regardless, I is sliding smooth and free, expecially after I cleaned it up with acetone and 600 grit sandpaper.

BTW, the instructions printed on the bag that the plastic baffle cam in say to remove any washers. Mine didn't have a brass washer and I don't read that to mean the rubber grommet, although someone on shotgunworld said to remove the washer and grommet.

I think tomorrow is a Prado day.
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