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Suppressor help

First a little about myself I am a Leo in south Florida I work Marine Interdiction. Mainly I stop drug runners and other smugglers and Cuban nationals VBSS (Vist Board Search Sieze) For those that don't know lol. So I don't deal with the ticket writing or fish limits. My rifle is an LMT upper and lower I built with YHM lightweight free float rails, SOPMOD stock, aimpoint and 10.5" barrel. Now the question what is a good suppressor to look at I want good sound reduction accuracy and reliability. Once I get it, it will be on from now on I won't run it with out it on. It also needs to be able to handle being around salt water. Some guys on my team go out and spend money on crap or something way to expensive because it's tacticool. Unfourtunatly there aren't to many guys I work with that are well gun guys like me. Although I know little about suppressors for now I'm reading and learning more but would like some first hand honest assessment of various kinds. This way I can look at various kinds from users and not what the company says because according to company a,b,c they each are the best since sliced bread. So if you could give me three options would be great like a low end, middle of the road and then "the best". Sorry for the long write up thank you in advance .
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