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Originally Posted by gak;
...but don't agree on leaving the rattlers (or other venomous ones (but in Az it's primarily rattlers) alone. Anywhere where you/your loved ones or others tromp regularly, - letting the fanged ones go just leaves them as a problem for someone else, their kids, etc, or you to revisit another day under even more unpleasant circumstances. I don't get that.
Anywhere near my domicile or fave fishing hole where my daughter, nieces, nephews or dog might encounter - need to be gone.
Because there are so many snakes out there , that you could spend a lifetime trying to get rid of them, and it would still never happen. Everyone, including my grandkids, realize how to act and deal with them. We keep poisonous one's away from the area of the house... as best we can, and leave the bull and king snakes alone in that area. Bull snakes will drive out a rattlesnake. I'm not going to try hunt all of the snakes down on 320 acres in the flint hills. You are welcome to come out and give it a try.

There is rattlesnake venom vaccines for dogs, cost $25 at your local vet.
Dogs, although not good, don't react as seriously to rattlesnake venom as humans.

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