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Zanotti ZA-1 Gun Safe on ebay (Lynn, Mass)

For about 6.5 years now I had a saved search on ebay set up to mail me if anyone ever listed a Zanotti take-apart safe for sale.

About 6 years ago I bought a Zanotti safe for myself.

But the saved search just sat there, forgotten, but waiting for someone to list a take-apart Zanotti safe for sale.

Well, what do you know, after six years someone finally put one for sale on ebay. I believe this is the first time a used Zanotti has been put on ebay since mid 2005.

I AM NOT THE SELLER. I have no need for another safe, but the sale looks like such a great deal I felt compelled to pass on the opportunity to other TFL users.

Local pickup required in Lynn, Massachusetts. Ends in 7 days. Opening bid lowered from $399 to $349, so I assume the seller is motivated.

Good luck, and please send me a PM if you wind up with this safe. The hoarder in me would love to get is because it is such a great deal, but the husband in me knows that there is no way I could sneak this into my house...
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