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Most people don't know this, but all electronic devices have a certain amount of ESP built into them, as well as distinct personalities. This device has obviously been playing with you, purposely trying to annoy you, perhaps even trying to drive you crazy. Most devices can sense when the situation is most critical and then they will misbehave. When you made the arrangements to call the authorities (the help line), it figured out it better be on its best behavior or it would get a severe scolding from its biological parents. Or else it's possible that it is trying to have you declared insane. It figured you would say all kinds of things about its misbehaviors to the tech support people at RCBS, but then when you were on the line, it would act like an angel, therefore making people think you were the crazy one.

Don't be fooled. In a couple days it will probably revert to its mischevious ways. But now you have a good threat to use on it. Whenever it acts up, grab the phone and say in a loud voice "I'm going to call RCBS this instant if you keep that up". It will settle right down. Oh, it would be best if nobody else heard you making threats to your scale though. People tend to be judgemental about things like that.
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