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I haven't seen it, but on the other hand I haven't looked for it either. I guess since all my cases go into the dies pretty well, the shell holders must be pretty square. One thing I did encounter though was an RCBS shellholder that measured 0.133" on the deck height, rather than the standard 0.125" like all the rest of my shellholders. I first noticed it because I could not get complete full length resizing for that rifle case. At first I thought maybe my chamber was cut extra short, but turns out the shellholder was the culprit all along. I have probably 15 other shellholders made by RCBS, Lee, Lyman and they all measured 0.125" except for that one. Once in awhile, something slips by the QC guy I guess.

Very odd that for your pparticular case that different holders made by different companies all have the same problem.
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