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Let's talk RCBS type shell holders

I have a new Lee Classic Turret press. It joins the ranks of a second Class Turret, a Classic Cast single stage and two Redding Ultramags.

I was setting up the new press to do 221 Fireball and noticed a misalignment of the centerline of the ram to the center of the case when the ram is in the up position.

I started looking closely and discovered my shell holder canted the brass forward a bit. Not a lot but enough to make it appearant that things were not squared up.

I put the same shell holder in my Ultramag, not as bad but still noticeable.

Then I started looking at all the Fireball shell holders, 4 shell holders from 3 manufacturers. They all had the same issue, not one was perfectly square to the ram. The best was the redding. The worst was RCBS (2 of them). Lee was pretty good too.

Anyone else seen this?
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