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Regarding 1912: nope, the date code marking did not become mandatory in 1912. The Suhl proof house started using this in September 1923, the Zella-Mehlis proof house did it earlier. But usage was not mandatory.
This is contrary to Wirnsberger's standard book on German proof marks, do you have any citation for that?
Ah, the Wirnsberger book. Unfortunately, this book is full or errors. For example, the date given to the crwon/V marking is wrong. This was used only between 1st January and 31th March 1893. The Law of 1891 came into force on 1st April 1893.

My source: the German Proof Law(s). And there is no Law of 1912, btw. There’s the Law of 1891 and the Law of 1939 (which came into force on 15th January 1940, not on 1st April 1940, btw). Period. Wirnsberger tells the story of the 1912 Law – but this is BS. The manager of the Suhl proof house showed my the records of the Proof House according to which the Suhl proof house started with date codes in September 1923. And this info sounds quiet precise, as I never saw a gun proof in Suhl having a date code prior to 1923.


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