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Dakodakid, one of the things I did for my USP and P7M8 is to get the same sights. I'm using the stock white dot sights on both guns, but have replaced the rear sight with MMC sights. The USP has dots on it, but I use sight black on them. The P7 just has black sights. By using the same sights, you don't have to adjust to a different sight setup.

The tip I sent you from Bruce Gray is a good starting point on learning this gun. I post under Scooter on HKPRO and Park Cities Tactical forums, someone beat me to that name.

Learn to pull the trigger like a double action. Be smooth and pull all the way back in one motion. There's too much movement to treat it like a SA trigger. Learning where the reset point of the trigger is helpful to get that fast second shot. The area that the P7 really shines is in the follow up shots. It cycles really fast and has little muzzle flip. The USP45 behaves much differently.

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