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I have that same rifle and have never experienced that malfunction.

Are you shooting factory loads or reloads?

Are you SURE you have the magazine locked in the gun? Did you try to pull the magazine free after you locked it in place?

Did you make sure the rounds loaded in the magazine were fully seated to the rear of the magazine before you locked the magazine in place?

You say ALL the rounds failed to load into the chamber?

Did you clean the gun before you went to shoot it? If you did, did you lube it well before starting?

In Arizona, most users use grease on the bolt, not oil. The grease stays in place and does not run off like most oil.

Did you try another magazine in your gun?

Did you let someone else try your magazine in their gun?

Teething troubles in new guns is not uncommon. Your problem points to a magazine problem or underpowered ammunition.

Did you "ride" the bolt home or did you let the bolt slam home by using the release on the receiver?

If the first round failed to load properly because of doing that, the rest of your problem sounds like underpowered ammo. The bolt must have enough energy to strip the cartridge off the magazine lips and go fully into battery to work properly. You are not helping if you "ride" the slide home.

Did you try other ammo? From different manufacturers?

There are quite a few things you can look at and the fix is MOST likely something simple.

Please let us know what you find out.

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