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I'm finding out more and more that i research into it the german rifles and handguns in semi auto can be ammo finiky with today's more modern ammo. Using the P38 and P1 walther as an example some have went to stronger recoil springs so they could shoot the modern 9mm luger ammo only to ruin the pistol and damage it. We need to think about this when going to shoot these german guns using modern ammo. I'm thinking i may have to reload some weaker loads so i won't ruin or damage them. I also heard the G43's haven't been the best of shooters too with the same ammo problems but i haven't really researched fully into it yet. I don't really want to invest a lot of cash with something that can give me headaches with ammo. I really like the german guns but we need to be aware of the ammo we put in them. I've also heard about the german lugers too. Everyone thinks the german guns are top of the line but there really not.
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