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Ozzieman, I wanted to keep the O.A.L. on the long side just to be cautious. The 1.270" came from Lee 2nd edition, even though Hodgdons list all there 45 acp 230gr lrn loads at 1.200". I may try and reduce the COL to 1.20" just to see if that helps wiht anything. I just love to develope and test, its what makes reloading soooo fun!!! Im still new at this stuff.

i belive I'm going to step up to a warmer powder i.e. 231. As 7625 is listed at 23 on the burn rate chart I have.

Leading hasnt been an issue at all so im not really concerned with that at the velocities im putting down.

unfortunatley do to cash problems I dont have anyway to apply a crimp. hopefully in the future I can get a press and a nice 4 piece die set!! (Anyone got an old press they dont use anymore and wouldnt mind helping out a newbie??) The issue I have with the humidity is that my apartment seems to hold one to it for days, even with a dehumidifier its still rather damp all the time. I thank you for your input and your time!!
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