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Greetings! My apologies for jumping on the "Me Too" bandwagon but I'm really curious..just got my first ever wheel guns (I had a talk with my 1911 and let her know we might need to spend a little time apart...).

Model 66-1 2 1/2" - 77K8XXX
(also has a bunch of marks on the frame under the grips: 3, X, C7437 on one side and: C10, C7, S, B22, 75294 on the other. Any idea what they mean?)

Model 66 no-dash 4" - 4k93XXX
(C17,C3,C4,C6,4, x2625 on one side and: Y, U, a Z inside a circle on the other under grips)

Side note: the 66's action is incredibly smooth and it feels like it has received a very good trigger job.

Any help with the age and number's meanings would be greatly appreciated. I have to wait until Tuesday to shoot them as my wife wants to try them out as well

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