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I guess I miss understood the direction of the topic on this thread. When I used to carry my 357 on trips I was asked by a police officer who saw my holster and box of ammo on the back seat of my truck, if I was armed. I replied ,Yes. and then we we had a very slow and safe discussion about my Concealed Carry permit before all was considered "safe".

More recently I was doing some targets in my back yard (open rural envirionment) with my Saiga 12 ga. when a DNR officer happened by and stopped to talk a bit. He asked if I hunted with the gun and I said yes...with it's 10 round mag hanging out of it at the time. He reminded me of the waterfowl 3 shot limit, to which I replied that I seldom used the Saiga loaded with 10 slugs for shooting birds, but I would keep the rule in mind when I did go after a bird. I did dump 5 rounds of birdshot into a crow that really ****** me off eating Pears from one of my trees, a short time after his warning.
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