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Gee, guys all this jaw boning about washing the brass is getting me tired. If I start doing that, the wife will want me to do the dishes. Now that's not going to happen.

Short and simple, 1/2 Zilla walnut mix (very fine) and 1/2 fine corn cobb with 2 teaspoons of your favorite polish (mine is FA). Drop in cases, close tumbler and plug into power. Spend an hour on the internet here and go back to the tumbler and un plug. Dump into media seperator turn three times and pack your clean shinny empty cases for later. It's easy on the labor, easy on the budget and actually gives you time to do some reloading.

It's not that I am lazy (OK I'm lazy) but the last time I washed my car was ten years ago, and I reload more than I drive.

Ya, wash cases and dishes, fat chance of that happening. (LOL)
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