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Thank you for your interest in the Gun Log app.

Please let me know what you think. There is a blog and a users group, that way this forum doesn't end up being a support forum. I will watch the forum for comments and respond.

An Android version? The only thing stopping me from doing an Android version is deciding it would be worth it. I regularly program in Java, C#, C++, Objective C, so nothing stopping an android version other than is it worth it to me. The iPhone version was for myself, sense I have iOS devices. The Android version would have to seem promising and be a strictly for profit venture.

All of you Android users, email me, PM, or something, and I will tally it all up and see if it is worth it. I have several iPad apps in mind, but if my queue empties up the geek in me loves to code to new devices so I might get to it next year about this time. Two of my "gun buddies" are also programmers, I will see if they want to do an Android version, if so I will give them the schema to the database to help them get rolling.

So long answer converted to short answer, no Android app anytime soon.
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