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Most of the advice and guidance you've gotten so far is solid. Which simply illustrates that there is more than one way to get started.

I don't question or doubt the recommendations to start with a single stage press. The rationales provided are well grounded. That said, I started reloading 25 years ago with a Dillon RL550B progressive. My interest at the time was in reloading .45 ACP and 9mm for practical shooting (training and competition). I would reload in 1000-round lots.

At the time I was pretty sure I'd never reload anything else other than these two pistol calibers. Oh, the folly of youth! I'm now well addicted and load for about 10 different handgun calibers and 6 different rifle calibers.

Ironically, my second press was a classic Rock Chucker. I bough it to help with case prep for .308 rounds, then with cases prepped, moved them to the Dillon for priming, powder, seating, and crimping.

Now I reload all my rifle ammunition (except the 5.7x28 - rifle, pistol can't make up it's mind) on a Forster Co-Ax (single stage).

My next press will be a turret. Many will tell you I've gone about this the "wrong" way. But you know what - I am thoroughly addicted to the art of hand loaded, precision ammunition; and I can still load in bulk when the situation calls for it.

So, enjoy the journey. The production of your own ammunition is its own reward, any financial savings is just collateral damage.
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