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Loader9, i should have stated that at the begining, The gun is a Colt 1991 5" Govt. i've always got great results with factory ammo. This is the step up I'm using as well. to help you guys better help me.

BDS-THR, I have slugged the barrel, my reloading mentor who has since passed away slugged it an it was on the tight side of .451''. unfortunatley he didnt get the chance to teach me a fraction of what he knew.

I havent had any problems with leading at all, more so in the begining on the light loads I would get a fair amount of unburnt powder laying in the frame an the barrel.

Will be stopping buy the local gunshop to check out a possible purchase and maybe get a can of powder. With that said what are some tried an true .45 acp powders? I know G.I. Ammo was loaded with bullseye any other good brands out there??
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