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If you can swing it I'd say go progressive. But buy a good one (i.e. not a Lee). Lee makes great everything, except progressive presses.

As Farmland indicated, you can run a progressive like a single stage, running a whole block (50) of cases through one station, then the whole block through the next station, etc.. You can also run it progressive, just one round at a time. Then you can run it full blast. This way you can get used to the steps of reloading, how the press operates, etc. There is nothing wrong with going straight to a progressive if you are careful and somewhat mechanically inclined, and you get a good one. You have enough going on without having to worry about the press being wonky.

Me, I started with a Lee Loadmaster and grew to dread reloading. Only after I sold it and bought a decent progressive (RCBS Pro2000) did I start to enjoy reloading.

I have a little single-stage as well, but I bought it after the Pro2000. I wanted something to do super-precise bullet seating on for rifle rounds, and something I could use to deprime any brass I had (using a universal decapper).

You are doing the right thing by watching YouTube videos IMHO. They are very helpful for you to get a feel of what goes into reloading.

Oh, and I load .45ACP for about $6.50 per box with 5 gr Bullseye, 200 gr purchased lead semi-wadcutters, CCI primers (usually), and mixed brass picked up from the range. Although it can be as high as $7.25 per box depending on whose bullets I buy and whether I buy 500 or 1000 at a time.

Good luck and be safe!

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