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19-5, 4 inch serial number AJT 10XX
Standard grips would be either target stocks or service magnas.

Smith model 686-6 plus (gotta love that 7th shot!)
Serial# CHB04XX

S&W Model 15-2 with serial number K8217XX
1968. SN's ran from K779163 to K848781 that year.

S&W 38/44 Heavy Duty Serial # 38XXX
SN's ran from 36000 in 1931 to 38375 in 1932 to 41200 in 1933.

.38 lemon squeezer that I need to know some info on. It has 2530xx for a serial number.
.38 Safety Hammerless 5th Model.
SN's for the 5th Model ran from 220000 in 1907 to 261493 in 1940. Book does not narrow it down any further. Shipping date would require a letter from S&W (currently $50).
First Model started at SN 1 with last of the 5th Models ending at SN 261493.
Value depends on condition and can range from ~$250 in good to $500+ in excellent (2006 values).

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