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guys I have an alarm system

this thread can go wherever it likes but the OP question is or should be:

would you automatically secure your children first or would you possibly not do that during a home invasion. Tachi is the only one who answered the question. I have an extensive alarm, we have a pet, and we have lights, sensor lights, locks, etc. none of those things are the issue of this thread. Assume your home has been breached. Some big dude kicked in your effin door, shot your dog, and doesn't give a hoot your alarm went off. he'll probably put a gun to your wife's head and instruct you to cancel the alarm when the company calls(as mentioned already in first two posts: use whatever example you see fit). this is a one shot deal to choose to secure your kids before taking a position or choosing to let that choice pass while getting ready for an imminent gunfight.

all the best

yes, there have been some things to think about that have been mentioned and good advice, but only tachi answered the question
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