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Castle Doctrine or Stand your Ground legislation

You may or may not know, but no one has mentioned the law in all this. Depending where you live, you may be required by law to announce your intent to use lethal force in your home/on your property against an intruder. Check with NRA-ILA. If your state has enacted Castle Doctrine you are not required to retreat or submit to an intruder committing or attempting to commit a forcible felony against you or anyone lawfully on your premises or your property, however you may be required to state your intention to use lethal force before doing so. If your state has Stand your Ground legislature enacted you don't even have to state your intentions to a bad guy. in which case, if someone has forced open a window/door and entered they have already committed forcible felony and you are all clear to shoot (provided you are in the premises first). If you catch someone in your car or out-building, things change and you need to be careful. If you come home and your property has been breached/invaded do not enter it. Call the police.

If you are permitted by law in your state to shoot without warning in order to protect yourself, your family or your property (arson?), I would consider doing so as soon as it is safe to you and yours. A very difficult decision with huge consequences of course.

And now believe none of what I just said and research for yourself.

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