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Originally Posted by publius42
Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News says on Twitter

Coincidental? ATF gives national award to agent who led controversial gunwalking case; gives termination papers to whistleblower.!/SharylAttkisson
PJ Media has an interview with the terminated agent, Vince Cefalu, who I didn't realize, is also the founder of If you want to get an idea of how dysfunctional that agency is, Cefalu says that four years ago he revealed an illegal wiretap by a local police department working with ATF. As punishment, he was given a desk and given 122 minutes of work over the next four years with ATF hoping he would get the message and retire. In that four years, he has been subject to 7 internal affiars investigations, though considering his duties have been changing batteries and filling cars with gas, it appears there was not much they could find. After helping the Fast and Furious story get out and running, he received notice of termination recently for "lack of candor."

Part of me wonders if this isn't part of a general effort to try and discredit the accusers (the weak shot at Issa and now this); but with the number of cooperating witnesses in the teens, I am wondering how DOJ is going to manage to smear all of them?

And as smears go, the one against Issa was just weak. If it was true, they could have buried him at his own committee hearing by bringing it up there or simply by responding to his initial letter with "You were briefed about this on this date." Instead they claimed to know nothing about the operation and then claimed Issa knew all about it while they were ignorant... I've seen five-year olds with a mouthful of cookies lie more convincingly. If that is all DOJ has up its sleeve, then they are just digging their own graves over there...
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