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Tachi answered my question

thanks for all the responses and I apologize for not being clear of the layout. we have people sleeping in three upstairs rooms at night(3 rooms total: our room and our two children's rooms). My children are very young. If someone or more than one person ends up in the upstairs of my home in the wee hours of the morning, there is an extremely good chance they will be shot.

In my OP, I was trying to relay the situation of your home being breached and you and your family are in grave danger(whatever scenario in your head that fits the bill). My main concern/question from a tactics position, is whether or not I should run to the kids' rooms immediately or play it by ear? the stairs coming to my upstairs are between our room and the 2 children's rooms. Regardless it will happen very quick! The probability of someone being shot will be much lower if no perp comes upstairs, but one might not have time to gather up the children. Where do you draw the line? seeing someone upstairs? not seeing some yet? In my scenario I already know someone is in the home and that my family is in danger(giving me split seconds to make up my mind). One can hope some items downstairs are being stolen only, but that scenario is doubtful in my opinion. I need to make up my mind whether to risk leaving my room to grab my children or laying wait in my room while the cavalry is coming. Obviously I have always planned on grabbing my children, but one must be honest about the possibility of not being able to just 'head to my babies' rooms no matter what the case'. Everybody's picture of the situation or their personnel layout differs, but in my "picture" I guess I am talking about a home invasion where everyone is going to be corralled and/or contained. At least that is always the worst case scenario I plan for. My babies are still in their cribs, but that is just my personal situation. I think I will still have choices to make when the children are closing in on double digits give or take a couple yrs. Plans are a great idea and I appreciated that advice. Decisions in this matter are many times a matter of life and death(for the perps or the victims). There are examples on both sides.

I was just reading today about two masked men up north where I grew up(in a very quiet area) who invaded someone's home and assaulted the adult while overpowering him in front of the children. Luckily, nobody was physically, seriously injured.
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