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If you are cleaning by wet methods, I recommend you decap first or you will occasionally get water trapped inside primers and that wet your decapping pin and may contaminate the fresh primer. Buy the inexpensive Lee Universal Depriming and Decapping Die for decapping dirty cases so you don't scratch up your sizing die.

Don't use the tube type Flitz. It contains ammonium oleate which etches copper and especially zinc. It's very slight, but can lead to premature neck splitting or season cracking (if you keep your loads around for a time). Avoiding anything with ammonia or ammonia compounds is a good idea, IMHO.

I don't know what you are using in your ultra-sonic, but I find the old arsenal case cleaning formula of water with 5% citric acid powder by weight works very well in one. You can add a bit of dishwashing liquid to help it suspend dirt if you want to.

The truth is you can load and fire dirty cases in the .45 ACP just fine, as long as you don't mind scuffing dies and scratching cases. A fifteen minute tumble in plain media gets the loose dirt off adequately. Shiny cases do have the advantage of being easier to find in grass, though, and that's what you are buying with any extra effort beyond getting loose grit off.
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