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One more question to throw out, since I can't call customer support at the moment (at work).

Is it normal for a scale to drift significantly over say....5 minutes? I tried leaving a 165gr bullet on the pan for a short time, and it lost/grained a good 4+gr.
I believe it to be normal, I have a RCB 750 that I've used over 2 years it has been excellent, any air flow vibration will cause you problems. I have a small shop and I shutdown anything electrical other then lights I use a Lyman balance beam as back up both have been consistent in agreement.

I turn off the 750 after use I place it in a sealed container and I recalibrate when I set up to reload. I would not want to reload without electronic scales but they are super sensitive, I worked in a lab environment for years with very expensive scales and yet they too required careful use.
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