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(nefprotector's video is somewhat of a thread hijack, but....)

Please be warned -- there is some very graphic and disturbing content contained herein. The violence begins at roughly seven minutes in. I don't know if this video has been discussed in another TFL thread. If so, please direct me to the right place.


The vidio with the police attempting to subdue the BG armed with a knife was difficult to watch. The only one that should have been injured is the BG.
Why on earth would so many armed officers put themselves in a position to be in harms way.
And then there's the aftermath. Total confusion, lack of official transportation etc. etc.
I am thankful to live in the good ol U.S.A.
I agree. This was very difficult to watch -- always sobering to watch a life being taken, and it's maddening to see such poor tactics/techniques/procedures by the local law enforcement.
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