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The gent at the gas station really didnt have time to warn the attacker to stay back. When the BG started conversing with him, he was already within 1-2 feet. This puts it into perspective how easily one can be caught off gaurd. I think I would have walked around to the other side of the vehicle and quitely pocketed my gun. If the BG stuck to me like glue then I would at least know his intent and move to plan B. Whatever that may be.

The vidio with the police attempting to subdue the BG armed with a knife was difficult to watch. The only one that should have been injured is the BG.
Why on earth would so many armed officers put themselves in a position to be in harms way.
And then there's the aftermath. Total confusion, lack of official transportation etc. etc.
I am thankful to live in the good ol U.S.A.
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