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I also came across this very insightful piece from Pajamas Media:

Remember the December 13, 2010 Washington Post story on the "Hidden Life of Guns." In that story the WaPo names gun dealers with "the most traces for firearms recovered by police."

However, the 2003 Tiarht Amendment removed such ATF trace information from public disclosure - so there was no legal way WaPo could access that information without the complicity of the ATF in violating the law or criminal behavior in their own right.

So at the same time ATF was directing these gun stores to continue making illegal sales to straw purchasers, they were purposefully leaking these gun stores names to the WaPo as sources of crime guns.

Amazingly, WaPo interviewed the owner of Lone Wolf Trading (Brad DeSaye) and DeSaye still kept his mouth shut and did not disclose the secret ATF operation even though he must have realized that this was going to make him look very, very bad.

And it gets even worse... as recently as May 26, the U.S. Attorney's office in Phoenix gave an interview for "La Opinion" (the U.S. largest Spanish newspaper) which specifically blamed Lone Wolf Trading. The exact same U.S. Attorney's office that was neck deep in Fast and Furious, the same one that met with the FFL at least once and encouraged them to continue the sales, threw their cooperating FFL under the bus just to get a little positive press in the news.

You've got to read the link; but they make a very solid case that the ATF deliberately sold out the FFLs who were cooperating with them. Carter's Country was even investigated by Houston law enforcement; and the charges were not dropped until their lawyer, Dick DeGuerin went public with the fact that they were assisting ATF after the WaPo story made it clear to him that his clients were being used.

Not only has ATF given murdererers thousands of weapons, they have damaged their relationship with FFLs in ways that can't help but hurt future investigations. What FFL is going to trust ATF after this?
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