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Two comments:

1. I would have left too - no question about it, and then reported it.

2. The victim hesitated too long to get his gun out of the console. Way too long. I was in a similar situation - had my gun in the glove box of my car in a Home Depot parking lot. I was walking back to my car and noticed a man lingering around next to the driver side door to my car - he had his urban friends sitting in a running car waiting for him. The guy was urinating, but also looking in the window of my car. When I saw what he was doing. I told him to go ahead and finish. But, I immediately opened my passenger door and grabbed my gun. Put it in my pocket, but my hand never left that gun until he was away from my car. That was too close for comfort - gun goes with me if I'm going into any store at night now.

I like to keep my gun in my car sometimes while I'm pumping gas. But, I make sure that it is easily accessible and I always look around for signs of trouble. If I even think someone might approach me for whatever reason, the gun immediately goes in my pocket (if its not already there.) In the scenario at the gas station, as soon as I would have spotted the crackhead, I would have gone for my gun. I couldn't figure out why the guy waited so long.
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