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New Gun Log app for the iPhone

I received an "OK" from the moderators to post about my new iPhone app called Gun Log.

It is a general purpose app that could be used to store information about your BB guns, Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, and even Shot Guns. The range information is not really geared towards shotguns.

There are four areas (four tabs at the bottom of the app) the Weapons, Ammo, Sessions, and Reports areas.

I wrote this app for me back in April and decided to put it on the App store. I use all the areas of the app but you can use the areas independently if you want.

Maybe you trade guns a lot. In the Weapons section you can keep specific information include purchase information and notes. You could have handy what you paid for it, from whom you bought it, etc.

Being a programmer I am a bit cautious when it comes to data theft. The app doesn't use the GPS or location manager. If you don't lock your iPhone or iPod Touch then I don't recommend entering the weapon's serial number. If you are concerned (and that is your business) then don't enter the Make of the weapon, just give the Weapon a nick name that means something to you and use that.

The ammo area allows you to keep track of "off the shelf" ammo or hand loads. Maybe you just want to keep some details of your hand loads so that when you are at the range or in the field you can look at your box of ammo and see the lot number you have placed on it and look up the ammo and see what powder, primer, etc., that was used and when you made the ammo. If you have used the ammo you can see how it performed as well.

I hate typing on these little devices, so I went to a bit of effort and gathered information on weapons manufacturers, ammunition makers, reloading supplies, etc., and put them in what are known as "pickers" so you don't have to type that stuff in. I typed it once so I (and you) won't have to type it again.

The firing session area allows you to create a session, like a day at the range. Then in that session you can create multiple firing sets. So, today at the range I shot my Browning Hi-Power, my PPK/S, and my Ruger Mk II. In the firing set you associate a weapon, a weapon configuration (weapons can have multiple setups), and an ammo to firing data such as group size, point of impact, and other info.

In the reports area you can browse so that you can understand how things are performing. For instance, which weapons have had failures? It would be a pain to go through all of the firing sets and look for them. In the reports area you can easily and quickly find failures. You can see firing sets for a weapon sorted by group size so you can see which set gave you the tightest grouping and you can navigate directly to the firing set and review.

I have made tutorials that show in great detail what the app does and a video showing the flow. I don't want anyone to just take a risk and buy an app. You should have a fair idea of what you are buying before you buy it.

Here are the links that show the app. There is even a users group for discussion on future features or issues. The blog shows how to use all of the features of the app. I want you to know how the app works.

If you do decide to purchase the app, please rate it on the app store.

Since I am a gun guy I hope to use the proceeds towards the purchase of an FN SCAR, or if it doesn't make much my NRA dues, and if nothing else a Double Filet O' Fish with extra tartar sauce. :-)

Thank you.

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