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Originally Posted by JohnKSa
I suspect the fact that there were multiple attackers in this case clarified the situation.
Well, I can think of several multiple attacker cases where the gun owner was clearly attacked by multple men; but still prosecuted when he shot (including the Gerald Ung case which also had video). Of course, the big difference in those cases were that the attackers in those cases did not have the extensive history of aggravated assault and robbery that these two apparently have. I'm sure when the CCW reported them doing something that was exactly like what they had both already been arrested for, it added to his credibility.

I think if this had been the same scenario; but the attackers were, say two local high school football guys with no serious criminal record looking for some adrenaline-fueld adventure, I think the shooter would probably be in a tougher legal scenario.

Originally Posted by Doc Intrepid
While the fact was already stated better in the linked thread, the statements made by others on the thug's FB page really do reflect a bizarre mind-set...
Yes, I like how one of the friends of the thugs implies on Facebook that the shooter is weak and/or dishonorable for using a gun. Apparently she doesn't have any problem with two grown men teaming up on one man to rob him. The mindset there is totally foreign...

And in general, I think it is a good reminder that a lot of times the threat doesn't just disappear after a successful self-defense shooting. The shooter lives in the same area as his attackers and they are already making threats and talking tough. It is a good example to us all that we need to keep our heads in the game and not assume that the threat is over just because the first fight went our way.

Originally Posted by Nitesites
Edit : Remain on scene or leave...Good topic?
I think it is situational. You don't want to look like you are running away. Apparently the shooter got on the phone to 911 immediately and explained he didn't feel safe remaining there, which I think helped him. And I think staying would have been difficult - you've got at least two attackers, possibly more, you've got bystanders who don't know who is the good guy or bad guy. If he had shot the other attacker after he fled would we be discussing whether the immediate threat had ended?

In this situation, I think it was probably a good move. I don't know that I would try to make it SOP though.
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