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you guys don't completely let your guard down when a woman approaches you, right? that's like the oldest trick in the book.
I had a situation recently that underlined this point exactly.

I pulled in to a truck stop at 3am to get gas. It is a place I've stopped before and felt comfortable. (I'm now working the over night shift. So, on my days off I'm up when the world is asleep. Getting gas at 2 or 3am, for me, is like you getting it at 5 or 6pm.)

Looking at the parking lot from where I stood, there is a restaurant at five o'clock, a parking lot with vehicles at four o'clock, the gas station is at twelve o'clock.

A girl aproached from a cluster of vehicles at about three o'clock. She appeared to be a homeless drug addict. Here face was broke out, she was wearing a thick "hoodie" in 80 degree weather, her hair was greasy, her lips were chapped, and she appeared very tired or high.

She began tellng me a story as she aproached my vehicle. The story was simple and short. However, I knew that the few details were dead wrong. I told her I had no cash and couldn't help her. She stated "it don't have to be cash, just pay for my gas." At that point she began to come around the hood of the car. I told her again that I had nothing for her and added that she needed to leave me alone. She left and headed back through the cars.

As I was finishing up a guy aproached from behind the gas station and started heading my way. When he was about 16 or 17 yards away he called out. I was polite and said hello, but I purposely added a little bass and volume.

To make a long story short, she was a ploy. When I was firm with her the male acomplice tried his luck. When I was firm with him she started aproaching from the four o'clock position. Her intent was to bash me over the head with a tire iron. I ended up pulling my revolver. The situation ended with no shots and no injuries. I was cleared and they are still awaiting trial.

The point is that sometimes the woman is a ruse. She can be an acomplice, an attacker, or anything else a man can. So, don't be fooled because they are female.
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