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Serious question/home invasion

I was reading some threads recently, and one of them jogged a fear of mine:

for the sake of discussion, your home, threshold, family's safety, your castle has been compromised in the wee hours of the mrng. once again for discussion, you KNOW this has happened(alarm that would definately not be going off, people speaking in the hallway outside your door, OR ANY reason that suits you and possibly none of the ones mentioned).

You have children in multiple rooms upstairs. In my case we have two children so far in 2 seperate rooms, so that is three rooms counting my wife & I. Do I just go bezerk no matter what the case and just make a beeline to my offspring's room and risk being the first casualty and lose my chance to defend my family, or do I take a position for the imminent threat I know is about to play out?

I would prefer to do this and to shoot rapid fire at the earliest and best possible moment. The situation changes and becomes more difficult when I leave my defensive position; I don't think they are there for my kids but how the heck do I know? I think they are about to try and overpower the two adults but again, who knows? What do you do? Do you engage a gunfight on your terms, or do you round up your children 1st which at the very least shows your hand(your up)?

either way you dialed 911 and put the phone down
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