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Hello, Kayser. Is there a need for you to crimp the bullet in case? If not, I would just ignore that cannelure. As for your question of the guy with bullet in lands at 2.72..This doesn't sound crazy to me..anything that is manufactured either by a corporation, or a private smith is going to have tolerances..and how is Hornady going to control that? What you have to do is get your mindset out of the reloading mode..and into the HANDloading mode...load to what YOUR rifle is most accurate..and safe with. It will tell you if you listen, and pay attention. Was out to range once, guy next to me was shooting paper plate size groups with a Hornet..I also had my Hornet..he complained of it's accuracy compared to my targets. I asked how he far off lands etc, he very huffily replied that he only loaded to SAAMI specs. No wonder he couldn't get any better accuracy. The SAAMI specs are mainly to insure mfg. A's high end toleranced ctg. will fit into mfg. B,C,D,E's low end toleranced chambers.
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