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BTW--GWS--Can you identify any one individual who will admit to having "kaboomed" a Fed primer with an Auto-prime himself?? We always hear of stuff like this where somebody's uncle's friend's brother-in-law allegedly had a problem, once, twenty years ago. I call "urban legend." FWIW, have used some Fed primers myself in an Auto-prime with no problems, not that that proves anything. (Not many Fed primers--I strongly dislike their huge boxes and will avoid buying them wherever possible, but that is a whole different rant.)
Smoky Joe,
No I can't. I used (oblivious to any danger I might add) the Lee tool for years with all brands of primers, even Federals.

Yes, we all hear stuff, and I don't wish to perpetuate rumors, but I read the following on Lee's own web page at the following url (unavailable today since it was replaced understandably by a new page describing the new safer "improved" model.
Deleted Lee page:
The following is verbatim from that Lee web page on primer tools just a month before their new replacement tool was released toward the bottom of the page!)
Users have reported that the primers in the tray of an Auto Prime can explode for various reasons, some of which include: a cocked primer, or an attempt to prime a case which has a primer already in place, or more than one primer on the punch, or priming a military case with the crimp not completely removed. Should an explosion occur, our tests have demonstrated that safety glasses will normally prevent serious injury to the user if CCI or Winchester primers are used, because the explosion is minimal. Other primers, however, can explode with sufficient force to seriously injure the user, or persons nearby. We do not take any position with respect to the quality or performance of primers available on the market. However, only those primers manufactured by CCI or Winchester are recommended for use in the Lee Auto Prime, and when loading those primers, safety glasses should always be used. No other primers should be used with the Lee Auto Prime."
(My red emphasis)
This published paragraph from Lee tells me Lee has the names for you...not that they'll release them to you.

To Gunsrtools:

You are welcome and I wouldn't dream of forcing APS on you or anybody else. The purpose was strictly information for people unaware of the choice Sorry I don't have a review of the tray version....maybe a new thread asking for such will net you some info. They are great tools

BTW, (again information only) the strip loading tool fills 4 strips of 25 at about the same speed as pecking a hundred primers in a tube...not as fast as dumping a box in a tray for sure. I had 2000 Winchester primers to strip. It only took a couple of nights while watching CSI to make them press ready. Once loaded they can be stored that way for years. You probably shouldn't do that with trays or tubes. (storing them outside their boxes ready to use)

I admit that I now only buy CCI's pre-stripped. They work just as good as Winchester and Federal, and buying them is often the same price as regular boxed primers from my sources. Such as Grafs

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