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Last winter we had a rat outbreak in the shed, the critters had gotten into the dog food and they were everywhere. Bamaboy and I had rat hunts about twice a night. I had handloaded some .44M Speer shot caps with 7-1/2 shot, I think, actually cut the tab off the back to gain more payload and super glued the stub back on. Drove the whole mess with 5 grs of Unique if I remember right. I'd had em for years, like in many. Stoked the 629 with this fodder, and with the boy on the light, we had another rat hunt. (he got first hunt most nights w/ and we used .22 rifle and crimped rat shot, not real effective unless plenty close) I figured a .410 shotgun was too big. The homebrew .44's seemed a good compromise, more punch than the .22 stuff. I was plenty right.

We wore safety glasses and ears. Finally got rat, boy, light and revolver lined up and shot at a rat 6-8 ft away running down a 2x4 stud along the wall. Dead rat alright, but the darn stuff blew through the heavy galvanized tin like it was newpaper and out above the dog runs. Gee whiz, I never figured it would shoot through. Yeah I know, be sure of your target and beyond. Well I believed I had an adequate backstop. (tin wall) Wrong!

Glad I didn't get a beagle and it wasn't the roof. The .44 shot caps went back in the ammo locker. Got a nice pie plate size pattern on the wall (correction THROUGH the wall, as a monument to my stupidity.
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