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Looking at Lee presses on, I think you got the Perfect Powder Measure. Is that right?

Question: Before using it the first time, did you read and follow the instructions, which tell you to fill the hopper with powder and cycle the full hopper through (into a cup)? This is to coat the innards with graphite coating from the (any) powder.

I bought one of those as a separate purchase. Mine is smooth and does not leak. You twist the hopper (like a hose faucet, clockwise is closed) to close a valve in the base, then cycle out the small amount of powder left inside. The hopper can then be pulled off with the powder in it.

I use two:

Lyman 55 - the Gold Standard. It mounts onto their turret press.

Lee Perfect Powder Measure, which now gets more use. A STEAL at $20, including a bracket to attach it to your bench. The Lyman bracket alone costs more. I am entirely pleased with this Lee product for rifle loads (223 & 308). It has a LOT more capacity than those require.

I also own a Lee powder disc gizmo that I will through away.

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