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Glad it works for you!!

Romeo 33 Delta--Welcome to the minority! Mebbe as more people use these XR's they'll get more generally liked.

From this thread, I was beginning to think that my XR was the only one that left the factory with no problems. Glad to know that that is not the case!

BTW--GWS--Can you identify any one individual who will admit to having "kaboomed" a Fed primer with an Auto-prime himself?? We always hear of stuff like this where somebody's uncle's friend's brother-in-law allegedly had a problem, once, twenty years ago. I call "urban legend." FWIW, have used some Fed primers myself in an Auto-prime with no problems, not that that proves anything. (Not many Fed primers--I strongly dislike their huge boxes and will avoid buying them wherever possible, but that is a whole different rant.)

I do use safety glasses whenever priming cases.

Anyhow if you accidentally detonate one primer it's no big deal. Especially when that primer is completely isolated from all the others. It happens occasionally in the Lee hammer-it-in set, which is an entirely different setup from the Auto-Prime. If/when it happens, the primer goes bang (not kaboom) there is a little smoke, you wasted a primer, so you hammer it out and hammer in another one. That's all. (Detonating a number of them at once is quite something else again! Not recommended!)
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